Projection on Paintings

My recent experimental body of work pollutes the painted surface by activating it with projected light. I hope to bring painting down to a human level where I attempt to breathe life into the paint, to encourage the painted figure to dance & move, to fill in the informational gaps & push painting closer to reality. I’m fascinated by our ever growing relationship with the digital, and I use consumer-grade technology such as iPhones & home projectors in this work to mirror the integration of the analog & digital that I see in daily life. I’m interested in our short attention spans & what it might take to hold our gazes longer. I’m interested in the over-stimulated, over-exposed space that many of us live in, the digital landscape on full blast. I relish the ambiguity & tensions created while attempting to integrate 2 mediums, to make them seamlessly rely on each other’s strengths in pursuit of newer, more dynamic images.

PEOPLE ON THE NEWS – Opening Oct. 10, 6-9 pm

Asleep On the Train - Nic Koller

By showcasing the subjects through manual, painted repetitions, Nic invokes familiar digital patterns, such as a website’s repeating background or the endless looping of a GIF. Images of everyday people – captured sleeping, taking selfies, partying or appearing in our endless barrage of news media – repeat across multiple panels and decay into raw canvas.

Pool Series

New Construction w/ Inflatable Swan- Nic Koller
River King - Nic Koller

At first glance, Nic’s 2017 pool series is an homage to David Hockney’s swimming pools of the 60’s & early 70’s. However, these paintings are not about light interacting with water or even the pools themselves. Instead, this series focuses on small group dynamics. Nic combines moments captured from his everyday life to recreate emotive, neo-figurative memories in these paintings. Each person depicted is absorbed in their separate story, — including the viewer, who is simultaneously ignored & posed for, a part of the pool party group & a voyeur. The collaging & containing of Nic’s subjects suggests isolation within these groups, and that these memories have distorted, combined & simplified over time in order to form something new.

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